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triple waterfall

In the hill country high above Sri Lanka’s famous Ravana Ella falls is a series of magnificent waterfalls framed by ancient silver-grey rocks. For hundreds of years they were only visible from afar. Their true grandeur was a well-kept secret, revealed only to soaring eagles.

Legend tells that the fearful King Ravana kept beautiful Princess Sita imprisoned near Ella in a cavern with a heart-shaped pool. Intrigued by this story, we gradually managed to get a path and steps cut right up to the falls. The second fall plunges 70 feet into a huge cavern, where before our eyes was a heart-shaped pool!

heart-shaped pool

We are passionate about this magical environment. We want you to experience it too! Gaze at the distant mountains. Marvel at the intense colours of nature: the birds, butterflies, and beasts.


Sample the clean air, the fresh spring water, the peace and tranquillity of wild nature. Feast your eyes to the full, then relax and dream in a four-poster bed in a spacious boutique-style apartment.

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