Boutique-style accommodation for nature lovers

Your visit will help the local environment
and wildlife!

About Us: Who and Where Are We?

We are a retired British couple coming from a background of classical music in England and Holland. Together with two Dutch friends – a doctor and an estate agent – we have a dream of trying to preserve and improve one of the most beautiful places on Earth and to encourage nature-loving tourists to help the environment by visiting us.

silver-grey rocks

Awe-inspiring silver-grey rocks sculpted by millennia of falling water

The name of our estate, ‘Pearlbank’, is taken from the Pearl Banks, a group of small islands off the north-west coast of Sri Lanka, where pearls were harvested many years ago. Pearlbank is a small organic agricultural company striving to replenish the environment by natural processes.

We are in an excellent location to undertake this: high above Sri Lanka’s famous Ravana Ella falls, hidden in the middle of nowhere. We’re half an hour’s drive from Ella up a steep road with spectacular views. From the other direction, we’re half an hour’s bumpy winding drive from Bandarawela through traditional tea estate land. Either route is worth the ride!

We can collect you from the airport, from Colombo, from Ella, or from Bandarawela. Contact us for travel prices.

Ravana's Secret as seen from Ravana Ella falls

An unusual view of the famous falls, looking down from Ravana’s Secret

Ravana's Secret as seen from Ravana Ella falls

Ravana’s Secret as seen from the top of Ravana Ella falls

Heart Lodge and Club Cottage

Heart Lodge and Club Cottage

Although we own our estate – a little over 100 acres of severely neglected tea land – nobody can really ‘own’ nature. We see ourselves as custodians. We would love to show you the potential of the wild paradise we are so lucky to have discovered and feel duty bound to protect. Part of your accommodation fee will help us to preserve a microcosm of beautiful Sri Lanka as a chemical-free zone.