Boutique-style accommodation for nature lovers

Your visit will help the local environment
and wildlife!

Things To Do: Walking, Trekking, Climbing

Easy, intermediate, or challenging walks and treks can be arranged along some of our jungle paths and also further afield for real addicts. Let us know what your particular interests are.

Butterfly on bougainvilla

Two photos above courtesy of the Walker family, Chichester, England

The path to ‘Cashew Cliff’ ends at a sheer drop with a wonderful view through the famous Ella Gap. If you’re lucky on a very clear day at dusk, you may see the Kirinda lighthouse flashing way down on the south-east coast.

Cashew cliff
Scaly munia

You may see these beautiful wild birds if you walk along ‘Peacock Path’. See also our Bird Watching page.


Cross the suspension bridge, swim, or walk barefoot over the river for tea in our workers’ quarters (see prices page).

In the river

More things to do:

The Water Spectacle

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