Boutique-style accommodation for nature lovers

Your visit will help the local environment
and wildlife!

Things To Do: Get Involved

Weather permitting, you can have lunch in a jungle clearing, cooked in pots balanced on stones over a wood fire. You might even like to help prepare it. Indoors you can have a Singhalese or Tamil cookery lesson. You could add to the experience by accompanying our staff to market to buy supplies. (See prices page for extra costs.)

Cooking in field
Parakeet with bean
Pushparani with jak

Cooking outdoors
Tea bush path

You can help to pluck and hand process ‘green leaf’ tea or coffee. These are not viable enterprises on our estate, but we can organise demonstrations, then you can taste the results! (See prices page for extra costs.)

Alagie plucking
Alagie processing

More things to do:

Walking, Trekking, Climbing

The Water Spectacle

Help the Environment

Just Relax