Boutique-style accommodation for nature lovers

Your visit will help the local environment
and wildlife!

Things To Do: Help the Environment

Plant a tree! A contribution of $10 would enable ‘intensive care’ until it’s established. We hold a pooja at our little Hindu kovil to bless the tree and thank you for your help. This is a ten-minute ceremony, finishing with sampling sweet rice and dates. Then you plant the tree in specially prepared ground, or in the nursery, with the help of our workers. The $10 could be a surprise present for someone special, maybe a child. We’ll send them a photo and information on how they’re helping to keep the world green.

Hindu kovil

Our Hindu kovil

Jak sapling

Jak sapling ‘sponsored’ by Kusum Rohra, Chennai, India

Avocado sapling

Avocado sapling ‘ sponsored ’ by Marjorie Filler, Bangkok, Thailand

Moon moth

Encourage the Moon Moth

Calliandra and hills

Calliandra with its feathery pink flowers is good for the land

Hanging parrot

... and the parrots!

Many kind people sponsor underprivileged children. Our aim is to help the ecosystem by protecting the flora and fauna for future generations. Let us know if you are interested in helping on a larger scale, such as sponsoring an acre of land for a year.

You might earn some free accommodation!

Spiky white flower
Pink leaves
Bell flowers

Hill mynah

More things to do:

Walking, Trekking, Climbing

The Water Spectacle

Get Involved

Just Relax